Hi! I'm NYC based self-taught photographer. Looking for a gallery to have an exhibition.
And! I'm penniless!
So happy to be feautred on Acurator again.
Prominent photography blog! Real Deal!!!
"Numerology"—Accident Series
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"Fancy Google Glass"—Accident Series
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"Stripes" —Accident Series
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Sunday morning readings
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sainte-ann asked : Hey! I love your work, it's very interesting. I was wondering, what's the meaning behind the "Accident series"?

Title of this photography project is ironic.I’m hugely influenced by dadaism and neo-dadaism. In this photography project, I explore a peculiar combination of photography, painting & collage. I create three dimensional collages with found objects, food and cheaply printed old paintings. I turn pre-existing works of art into Duchampian ready mades and take photographs of them. I use strong shadows,layering, crumpling and folding effects to give a three dimensional sense in the final work. I reduce the details and forms of painting by covering objects, food. Copies of old masters paintings initially evoke viewers memory. By using unexpected juxtapositions of objects, I try to create ambiguity and pull viewers attention deeper to my photographs. In many ways, I examine new type of still life. 

é  6  û    —    4:40pm
"Sugar High" Accident Series
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"Safe Sex"—Accident Series
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Buenos Aires—Palermo Soho 2014
"Circles"—Accident Series
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